Auguste Rodin brought the public sculpture into the modern era. Rodin's objective was to be consistent with nature. His ability to convey movement and to show the inner feelings of the men and women he portrayed,and the brilliant technical skills of his light-catching modeling, and his extraordinary use of similar figures in different mediums, have established him as one of the greatest sculptors of all time.

Rodin’s museum

L’Hotel Biron, Rodin’s museum

published on July 4, 2008

A green oasis for major works…

At the Hotel Biron, the visitor can admire, in a permanent move between the rooms and the garden, some of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) magnificent masterpieces.
In the garden, as at the beginning of the century, some ancient statues, purchased by Rodin, mingle and confront the works of the sculptor - Adam, Eve, Orpheus, Muse Whistler, Three Shades, both Cariatides …

Here also, a cafe-restaurant welcomes you in a rare décor.

Let’s this great artist talk:

“The main point is to be moved, to love, to hope, to live. To be a man before being an artist! Everything is fine for the artist because in all beings and in all things, his penetrating gaze discovers the character, ie the inner truth reflected in the form. And the truth is beauty. Be nature your unique goddess. Have in it an absolute faith. Art only begins with the inner truth. ”

L’Hôtel Biron

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